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Mazu Conquers the Demons  媽祖降妖伏魔 (English Narration 英語解說)

Mazu Conquers the Demons 媽祖降妖伏魔 (English Narration 英語解說)

Mazu Conquers the Demons 媽祖降妖伏魔 最近是台灣媽祖誕辰,全台各地的媽祖廟宇都展開了盛大的慶典活動,其中最引人注目的當屬「台灣媽祖繞境」。在這個特別的節日氛圍下,凡徒藝術與席藝文創合作推出了一段名為「媽祖伏妖魔」的舞蹈影片,以媽祖、千里眼、順風耳的故事為靈感,呈現出一場極具戲劇性的舞蹈表演。透過編舞師的設計,影片展現了媽祖對於抵禦邪惡勢力的勇氣與智慧,以及妖魔千里眼和順風耳歸順媽祖後,成為了守護人民的神明。觀眾可以從中感受到中華文化的深厚底蘊,以及對於傳統信仰和英雄故事的敬意。這段影片的發表不僅彰顯了台灣文化的多元性,更為台灣媽祖誕辰增添了一份獨特的文化氛圍。 Recently, Taiwan celebrated the birthday of Mazu, the sea goddess, and various temples throughout the country held grand celebrations. Among them, the "Taiwan Mazu pilgrimage" was the most eye-catching. In this festive atmosphere, Fantu Art and Xi Art Creative collaborated to produce a dance film called "Mazu Defeats the Demon," which takes inspiration from the story of Mazu (Lin Mo-Niang), the Thousand-Mile Eyes, and the Wind-Following Ears. Through the choreographer's design, the film showcases Mazu's courage and wisdom in resisting evil forces, as well as how the demon Thousand-Mile Eyes and Wind-Following Ears became divine protectors after submitting to Mazu. Audiences can feel the profound cultural heritage of Chinese culture and respect for traditional beliefs and hero stories. The release of this film not only highlights the diversity of Taiwanese culture but also adds a unique cultural atmosphere to the celebration of Mazu's birthday in Taiwan. Produced by CE Studio & Fun to Art 凡徒藝術 Written and Directed by 編劇和導演 Sean Mulvihill 羅世安 Choreographed by 編舞者 Song 陳翔崧 Mazu 媽祖 : Pei 曾珮瑄 Qianliyan 千里眼 : Liurock 王克誠 Shunfeng'er 順風耳 : Song 陳翔崧 Puppeteer 布袋戲:Wu Qingrong 吳慶榮 Son 兒子:Wu Zongtai 吳宗泰 Narrator 敘述者 : Ricky So 蘇瑞奇 Yueqin Player 月琴手 : Rickey Lin 林新庭 Mother 母親 : Hingis Lin 林季諄 Director of Photography 攝影指導 : Sean Mulvihill 羅世安 Gimbal Operator 攝影師 : Gin Liang Lai 賴亮鈞 Camera Operator 攝影師 : Tony Xiang 項博安 Aerial Photography 空拍 : Cia Malone Ou 歐效佛 Face Paint Artist 面師 : Lin Laifeng 林來楓 Mazu Hair / Makeup 媽祖髮型和妝容 : Ivan Hong 洪錦濤 Soundtrack 原聲帶 : Sean Mulvihill 羅世安 Editing and VFX 編輯和視覺特效 : Sean Mulvihill 羅世安 Executive Producer 執行製片人 : Marco Huang 黃相瑋
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